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Annual Reports

Present your company in the best possible way to your investors.

Your Annual Report is your opportunity to show investors the human face of the business so they can connect with you. Investors don’t want to just read statements and analyse graphs they want to SEE the people involved and the results achieved. Showcase everyone from your Board Members to the staff making the projects happen.

"Promotional Materials

If you are going to the trouble of getting brochures, flyers or booklets printed and distributed ensure it contains quality photography that make your marketing material attractive and appealing to prospective clients.

Business Cards

Often at meetings, seminars and networking functions business cards are collected by the dozen. To ensure those you have spoken to remember who you are attach a photograph that represents you and your business.


– Most clients will firstly look at a businesses website before making contact with them. It is therefore essential that they see you presented in a manner that is going to give them confidence in choosing your company over another. Beside your product or your service your greatest asset is you. Ensure you use this to its full potential.

Profile Images for LinkedIn

To effectively connect with other industry professionals you must present yourself as a professional. Your Linked In profile photograph is as important as your first meeting with a client. First impressions count and can result in making a connection or losing one.

 Tender Applications

Ensure your application stands out from the many others by showcasing yourself and your staff rather than just facts and figures. There can be no greater show of commitment than that given by the people who will make the project work.

Media Releases

When your business has something worthy to share with media outlets you want to ensure that every aspect of your Media Release gets the attention it deserves. By providing them with a professional photograph they are more likely to pick up on your story. It also ensures the way you are represented in print or on-line media is going to be professional.

Display Material

Exhibiting your business at trade shows and conventions or even up at the local shopping center is expensive.  Make the first impression count.